Tips For A Suspected Pregnancy


Have you been on a roller coaster of mood swings lately and haven't been feeling well? Have you also acquired a taste for foods that you once thought were disgusting? If so, you might be experiencing a few of the early symptoms that come along with getting pregnant, and it is important to find out as soon as possible. You don't want to unknowingly be pregnant and do things that are unhealthy for the baby, such as if you have a habit of smoking cigarettes or drinking alcoholic beverages.

27 June 2019

Training Available For Your Confined Area Workers And Rescue Team


If your company works in an industry where the crew enters confined spaces such as mines, wells, or trenches, then rescue training is essential. Accidents happen when least expected, or an employee could have a medical crisis that's unrelated to the job. A well-trained staff keeps problems from escalating out of control and training ensures proper medical care is given promptly to those in need. Here are some different types of training your crew may need to undergo when it comes to confined space rescue.

7 June 2018

Which First Aid Kit Is Right For Your Company?


The Healthy Environments and Consumer Safety Branch of the Department of Health of the Government of Canada (HECS) suggests what products your company should purchase to be compliant with Canadian law. There are federal guidelines for first aid kits as well as guidelines set for each individual province. The federal guidelines are set forth by HECS about the kind of first aid kit that your company needs to have on hand.

5 August 2015